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One of our graduate, Ms. Maya Hajj Chahine participated TSA in July 2017 and took 4weeks Sushi Course.

We had chat with her to catch up after graduation on May 2018 after 9 month has been passed after her graduation.


Q1. Please introduce yourself


Maya Hajj Chahin from Lebanon, 41 years old, married and have 3 children.


Q2. What’s you job? Did you have any chef experience before entering TSA? 


I'm a French teacher. I entered Tokyo Sushi Academy for 4weeks Sushi Course from July 2017 without previous experience.

*As of June 2022, we run International Sushi Chef Course (5weeks).


Q3. Were you required to obtain short stay visa before entering Japan?  


Yes, I prepared my civil status, bank account, my salary proof and TSA also prepared documents. After I submitted documents to Japan embassy in Lebanon, it took about two weeks, not so complicated.

When I entered Japan for first time, I was so nervous. Everything looked so strange to me, but all people were very kind and I only filled paper and could  enter easily, same as other countries.

*You can check website of ministry of foreign affairs Japan to know more about short stay visa to enter Japan.


Q3. How was your class?


It was unique experience with very exiting and condensed useful information for sushi making.


Q4. What was the most exciting moment in our course?


Every moment was very exiting moment and I liked every menu!


Q5. What was the most challenging moment in our course?


Most challenging moment was practical test. It was very serious.


Q6. Where did you stay while attending school? How was your accommodation?


My accommodation was Somerset Ginza East. 5min walk to school. It was comfortable plus I had English assistance 24 hours.

*English course was held in Tsukiji campus in 2017.


Q7. Please tell us your recommended restaurant or place in Tokyo


I liked the Takoyaki  restaurant Tsukiji Gindako located first floor of same bldg. And I often visited Mcdonald’s when I was tired of eating fish every day.

*English course was held in Tsukiji campus in 2017.


Q8. What are you doing after you graduated?


After I came back to Lebanon, directly I started my own sushi business, even though I am still working as a teacher.

While I am working as sushi chef, I don’t feel like I am working, I feel like enjoying! I think TSA provided basic and very useful information.

Now I am doing all kinds of sushi (Nigiri, Uramaki, Hosomaki) and Sashimi.

In Lebanon, Crab and Salmon are easily available. Plus, I use Mackerel, Squid, Red Snapper (Rarely Tuna, Hamachi yellowtail, Shrimp) for sushi.


Q10. What is your future plan?


Plan to own my own restaurant, I am working on that.


Q11. Any comment to our future students.


You will get benefit from every and each moment at TSA, it’s precious!


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