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Private Lesson

Customized Classes

Private Lesson can be arranged depending on your reuqest. You can personalized the duration and curriculum for your needs, learn from professional instructor by one-on-one lesson.

Not only sushi, but you can also request variety of Japanese cuisines to learn from.

Choice of Lessons

  • Professional fish preparation technique
  • Aged fish sushi technique
  • Vegetarian sushi lesson
  • Tempura making lesson
  • Grill & Fry dishes lesson
  • Kaisen and other donburi lesson
  • Tempura technique
  • Omakase menu creation lesson(consulting)


You can tailor your experience with any odds-on, completely customized lesson.

You can choose your own timing which suits you.

One-on-one lesson with experienced chef instructor who will answer all your questions.

Customized Classes


How to apply

For customized private lesson, please contact us for the further details.

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We will send you the full course details and information.